Who We Are

ADA Specialties is all about making seniors, the disabled, and the handicapped safe, comfortable, and accessible in their own homes. We provide renovations to homes with superior products and services and also want our customer’s experience with ADA Specialties to be one of compassion and understanding; fulfilling needs beyond what could have been envisioned independently.

Where You Are

Home is where you are the most comfortable.

  • Familiar surroundings,
  • long-time neighbors,
  • feelings of independence,
  • safety and security,
  • proximity to family,
  • years of memory building

are factors that are considered as people think about their mobility options for later in life.

Whether it is mere time that is catching up with you, an illness or accident, or perhaps a disability that you are struggling with, ADA Specialties wants to enhance your ability to stay in your own home without having to sacrifice all of the things that are important to you.

Where You Are Going

You may be in your 50’s and considering retirement and staying in your home. You acknowledge that making remodeling changes for the future are a necessity. You may be in your 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s and want to live independently in your own home for as long as possible but you now see obstacles that are hindering your quality of life.

It may be stairs that you can’t climb, or bathrooms that are not available or have safety or accessibility concerns. You may have been involved in a serious accident or illness that has left you with limited mobility. You now are faced with the fact that your home, that means so much to you and your overall wellness, is not as conducive to your current activity level.

You may be a family member that has apprehensions about your aging parents and are considering the possibilities of modifying your home to accommodate them in either an attached or detached space.

How We Can Help

ADA Specialties provides in-home evaluations and renovations that can make the stay in your own home a reality. We offer 35 years of renovation experience and specialize in universal design that adapts your home to your current lifestyle and lifestyle of the future. Most homes are built for healthy adults.

No one wants to have his or her home look like a hospital room or nursing facility. The universal design concept is about creating an attractive, stylish space that everyone, regardless of age, size, or ability, can live in or visit.

A home with universal design makes it easier for residents to live in, and for guests to visit now and in the future, even as everybody’s needs and abilities change.
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